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ANCILE protects all your data in rest, in motion and in use.

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  Our readiness for enterprise operations has been solidified with SOC2 Compliance

Where is my data?

In the fast pacing digital world the data is growing at a light speed and its virtually impossible to keep track of all the data sources in IT landscape. Enterprises can become paralyzed because they simply don’t know where to start to get a complete view of all their data sources.

What is my data?

Identifying the data context and its sensitivity is crucial to protect the right data to avoid risk of exposure. Data types like PII data, Credit Card information, and identity access keys etc. should be treated with top sensitivity compared with other data types.

Who has access to my data?

Simply knowing who has access to your data is hard to do if SaaS application or even cloud instances are used outside of the IT/ Security team’s purview. Hence, its crucial to enforce proper guardrails to protect sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands.

Is my data properly protected ?

Every industry has its own guidelines to meet the industry specific compliance levels with the sensitive data. Complying with the regulatory requirements by proactively detecting any irregularities and/or anomalies with the sensitive data sources is key to sustain the business, especially in very tightly regulated industries.